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ALUR Glass and Dividing Walls

A Unique and Innovative Product Solution for Commercial Real Estate Office Build Outs

Commercial real estate professionals who use ALUR Glass and Dividing Walls in their warm-shell office build outs benefit from an upgraded space, increased occupancy and retention, significant tax savings and access to affordable green building solutions.

ALUR Glass and Modular Dividing Wall Office Build Out

Competing in a Tenant Driven Marketplace

There is too much unleased office space today and this is not expected to change anytime soon. As a result, competition on existing space is fierce and savvy tenants are demanding upgraded space. Turnkey solutions, although appealing to tenants, are typically expensive and complicated for the landlord. ALUR glass and modular dividing walls enable building owners and managers to significantly improve the quality of their lease spaces, while containing costs and maintaining asking price. ALUR glass and modular dividing walls contribute to reduced energy costs and allow for improved tax benefits to owners.

Tax Advantages

ALUR glass and dividing walls are movable and thus, considered furniture. As such, ALUR products can utilize a normal 7 year depreciation schedule as opposed to 39 years used for dry-wall and construction used in traditional office build outs. Businesses may depreciate any excess on the depreciation schedule for that asset and may write-off capital expenditures up to $125,000 in 2012. This represents a significant tax advantage to building owners.

Industry Leading Product and Design

ALUR is an industry-best product with an award winning design. ALUR offers state-of-the-art features and unsurpassed quality up to now only available on much more expensive systems. All ALUR products are fully warranted against defects in workmanship and materials, and come with a ten year non obsolescence warranty.

Construction       vs.
ALUR Glass Wall
Not intended to be reused ALUR Glass Walls can be reused
Does not qualify for LEED® points ALUR Walls are demountable and
can contribute to LEED® points
Building permits required ALUR Glass Walls do not require
permits in most states
Normally awarded to low bidder
risking unpredictable results
ALUR Walls are a manufactured system
ensuring consistent fit and finish
Frequently result in delays and cost overruns ALUR Walls price is fixed at time of order
subject to field verified site
conditions eliminating cost overruns
Multiple trades make project management
difficult and time consuming
Single trade simplifies project management
and expedites installation
Silicone bead “wet joint” will shrink and
discolor over time becoming unsightly
ALUR polycarbonate joint is 93% clear
and will not discolor or shrink
Wet joint is non structural ALUR tongue-and-grove joint design
ensures perfect fit and eliminates
natural bowing of glass
Decorative film never applied over joint ALUR joints are smooth allowing film
to be applied directly over joint
Audible sound loss when silicone is
not used between glass panels
Tight H-channel type joint
prevents sound loss
Typical drywall construction has a 37-39 STC ALUR Dividing Wall has a 45–50 STC
More expensive low iron glass required
to eliminate green cast in glass
Polycarbonate joint hides green cast edge
saving expense of low iron glass
Framing is clunky and looks unsightly Minimal framing and square design
is simple and elegant
Lower cost framed glass doors and
transom most commonly used
ALUR Glass Walls come standard with
full height frameless glass doors
Brushed steel or clear coat
anodized aluminum finish
ALUR Glass Wall feature a scratch resistant
bead-blasted finish that will not show
fingerprints and is lighter in color for
a more modern look
Price is the price ALUR Walls can be less than construction
when combined with MAI furniture order
of $150K list or more
Customization is costly ALUR Walls feature cost effective built-in
options, including tack boards, marker boards
and decorative fabric panels
No tax advantage Demountable walls are classified as furniture by the IRS and therefore qualify for accelerated depreciation. For more information, refer to Confirm with your tax planner to see how this may apply to you

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Frameless Glass System

The ALUR Glass and Modular Walls system features ½" tempered glass, polycarbonate “dry joints”, minimal top and bottom channels, and beautify designed hardware, including full height sliding glass door mechanisms that are fully integrated into the top frame of this movable wall system.

ALUR Glass Walls are fabricated with ½" thick tempered glass for superior rigidity and sound attenuation. Glass edges are flat polished and chamfered to a precise angle forming a virtually seamless fit when combined with the dry joint.

Flexible and Functional

With a variety of finish options, ALUR Dividing Wall is designed to be a flexible solution that fits beautifully into your space. ALUR Dividing Wall tiles are available in Thermofused Melamine, Fabric Wrapped, Marker Board, Tackable-Acoustical and Wood Veneer options. With integrated voice/power/data, ALUR is as practical as it is beautiful.

Streamlined and Elegant

Combined with the discreet glass-to-glass joints and no vertical posts, the ALUR glass wall low profile channels create the stunning impression of a vast expanse of unsupported glass. This movable wall system with minimal framing also creates a more streamlined and elegant appearance compared to other bulkier unitized wall systems. The aluminum is bead blasted to prevent fingerprints and for a scratch resistant finish.